Goodbye 2019

Posted on December 30, 2019 in
3 min read

This post marks the third year in a row of this blog. I can't believe it!

The current status

In this third year, I've kept publishing (25 posts) but still in an infrequent way. Even the "Goodbye Year" post has been written infrequently. This is an issue. It's something I'd like to handle in a different way.

The type of content slightly consolidated to be more technical in the form of tutorial. I post general stuff in a separated section, the Log, where I put external resources and quick thoughts as well.

To my surprise, I've noticed that I've started to use my blog as a resource for myself, to recall something I've annotated in the past. I should implement a better way to search on it though, I have some ideas that I hope to implement during the next year.

I want to be more regular in writing. I'd like to book a daily portion of my time pursuing that activity, to give it the right weight. This might be part of my new year resolution.

A side project

PRESENTA has been a side project since the beginning. I still love working on it but I'd like to dedicate more time. I continue to learn a lot from it and I enjoy challenging myself handling a digital product from a variety of points of view.

I've also started to write articles in the field of presentation and communication on its dedicated blog. It's something that helps me to keep the right focus on product design.

Digital detox and personal habits

A few years ago I've started to reflect about my relationship with the digital world. I don't like the way it grab my attention and my focus so easily. Back then, I've decided to take action and this is what I've reached so far:

  • I've removed the Twitter and Linkedin apps from my phone 2 years ago
  • I've removed all the email accounts from my phone 1 year ago
  • I've recently quit with Linkedin (not deleted yet, but I simply stop using it)
  • I've to get rid of any analytics on my websites (making them fully GDPR compliant without using weird banners)
  • I'm limiting my Twitter usage (only on my computer and only in a specific time of the day)

I'm quite happy with the actual relationship with my phone, which is for 95% a simple old-fashioned phone with some extra capability (e.g. finding a place with the map, checking the closing time of a store, finding a phone number of a restaurant).

No doubt that getting rid of these distractions allowed me pursuing on other stuff I'm more interested.

My actual feeling is that I can do more, maybe I could get to like it.

See you in 2020!