How to make an atomic read/write with ioRedis

Posted on October 24, 2021

If you're using Redis in your system, chances are that you want to benefit of its performance.

When needed to make several operations on Redis, every operation comes with a cost.

Luckily, Redis, and by extension ioRedis, comes with the possibility to performe several operations in an atomic way, that means as it were a single operation.

Suppose you need to performe such as:

redis.incrby('count:a', 1)
redis.incrby('count:b', 2)
redis.del('job:' + id)

Here the atomic version:

    .incrby('count:a', 1)
    .incrby('count:b', 2)
    .del('job:' + id)
    .exec((err, results) => {
      if (err) console.log(err)