About Me

I was born forty-and-something years ago in Italy, where I currently live.

I've more than fifteen years of experience in computational design, data visualization and web development.

I co-founded TODO back in 2007 serving as CTO. Currently, I'm also an independent senior consultant.

I'm happy enough to lead teams from a vantage point at the crossroads of design and coding. I love exploring technologies and I'm passionate about internal processes optimization by means of Agile and innovative principles. I'm not satisfied by my actual knowledge, therefore, I constantly study something. Indeed, I'm an ever learner person.

My approach stems from a deep-rooted interest in creative disciplines, ranging from music to design, from performing to generative arts. In 2006 I conceived CSTEM, the first event devoted to computational design practices in art and design in Italy. I'm also a keen educator always been involved in teaching and lecturing at several institutions and workshops. I currently hold teaching positions at MAIND SUPSI (creative coding and interaction design), Big Dive training program (data visualization), European Institute of Design (creative coding) and Scuola Holden (creative coding).

I post what I find interesting on Twitter, committing chunks of code on Github and, rarely, update professional info on Linkedin.