How to create personalized newsletter images with PRESENTA

Posted on November 14, 2021 in
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Personalized newsletters are a key aspect in any Marketing Automation strategy.

With PRESENTA you can generate thousands of personalized images automatically, ready to be included as newsletter header for in your campaigns.

In this walk-through we're learning how to configure a Data-Driven Template to generate thousand of personalized and unique images, one for each of your recipient.

Design the template

You can choose a pre-built template and customize it further or start from scratch and create your very own template with the visual editor, no code is required:

Set the dynamic properties

We need to tell the software which are the dynamic properties. Set a meaningful and unique name to each object we want to be dynamic. It can be text content, image url, shape color or even a QRCode url as well:

Publish the template

Publish the template and grab the URL to test it with its default parameters:

Test the parameters

Now it's time to test the parameters to see how it looks with different content:

You can test right in your browser using this URL:

and adding this portion at the end of it (you can change the SomeName value):

?name=Some Name

and also this one too:

&surname=Some Surname

Integrate in your Newsletter software

Every Newsletter software allows to add little snippets of HTML code. Usually adding the following HTML code is enough to include the dynamic image:


MailChimp integration

Here the HTML snippet that include the image with the merged tags of MailChimp (dimensions may change depending of the template):

<div class="mcnTextContent">
  <img class="mcnImage" style="width:100%" 
  ?name=*|FNAME|*&surname=*|LNAME|*" />

MailJet integration

Here the HTML snippet that include the image with the merged tags of MailJet (dimensions may change depending of the template):

<img style="width:600px;height:300px;"  
[[data:firstname]]&surname=[[data:name]]" />


That's all folks! Hope this little walk-through has been useful for your next Marketing Automation Campaign with Data-Driven images.

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