A hello world post

Posted on January 29, 2017 in
2 min read

First off, a confession.
I've been always an internet lurker with some timid public contributions.

Most of what I've learned over my career is because the web, a place where, among other things, people use their personal time to organize and share pieces of knowledge, often for free.

I've always felt a bit guilty. That particular feeling in the gut when you owe something to someone.

To mitigate that feeling, I did some attempts in the past, in the spirit of giving back, but nothing worth to mention.

I've always told myself a lot of shit in order to keep the things as is. The most common? That it's too late to begin, that it's something I should have done years ago.

Bullshit. You know what?

It's never too late to start something.

Last year I thought, more than usual, about this issue and I've decided to take action. I've committed myself to write more.

Writing is a wonderful tool to both organize thoughts and foster new perspectives.
But writing alone is not enough. Publishing is also an important aspect.

So, here's my Hello World (a blog is not a blog without a hello world post)

Yes, I'm starting a blog (and you should too).

I'm not sure which kind of blog is going to be.
I suspect I'll write mostly about my professional life and things I'm interested in like design, computation, data and user experience alongside all the possible intersections in between.  

If this happens to be useful for someone, that's great.

The easiest part done! Now, let's keep the commitment up.