HTML import is dead

Posted on September 7, 2017 in
1 min read

Apparently, HTML import is dead. This is what I've learned from ShopTalkShow today.

I've always been confident and happy about it because it has always been the promise to solve so many struggles in front-end development.

I was wrong. It's not going to be a thing.

The browser support speaks by itself. Only Google Chrome natively support it. The other main vendors need a polyfill to work with.

This will affect also the Polymer Project, no doubt.

We need modularization

Modularization is the (only) way to survive in the complexity of the front end development world.

I got that years ago, this is why I've built something to overcome this necessity here and here.

Right now, I see in the .vue single-file-component mechanism the best scenario and this is why I'm so excited about. I know, it's not standard but I hope to see similar (or better) strategies by the W3C in the near future.

In the meantime, give me the time polishing my next Vue.js exploration.