On empathy

Posted on August 8, 2018 in
1 min read

I dare to say that empathy is the most important component in human relations.

I don't know why the default setting for most human being (including me) is with empathy disabled.

I think that if most people had it up and running, the world would be way more a better place.

I've experienced this assumption from time to time.

You meet almost daily a stranger in your commute. You don't know him/her. For some weird reason, you start to think this person as a bit unlikable one. Days pass and your assumption get stronger and confirmed day after day.

Then, one day, something different happens, such as a funny situation where both (you and him/her) assist and that moment becomes a means to comment and start talking for a bunch of seconds, you know, a little joke and that's it.

Instantly, from that precise moment, that unpleasant person becomes nice and natural and even his/her facial expression (or your perception of) suddenly changes for the better.

We are weird creatures.