Learning Blocks

JS TweenMax course:
1 - intro corso + html/css basic + your profile page
2 - SVG basic + draw a face, draw a home
3 - intro gsap basic + face transition + devtool
3 - draw a grid
4 - ripasso gsap/devtool, function, jquery, click, random (grid interactive) 
5 - AI export (casa: face interactive with AI)
6 - variabile (shared var + es using easing) incremento (rotation), color tool, mover (left/right, up/down, scale, (sostituire circle with ship) speed, color based on speed),     (casa faccia configurabile elemento animato)
7 - breve ripasso variabili, condizioni:(es: pallina controllata, move and rewind, pannello toggle)
8 - svgdraw + svgmorph + svgpath
9 - audio + netlify
10 - brief
--- TIPS for next IED esame
- size of the SVG matter!!! pay attention
- fonts! how to solve
- delivery: zip file of the pen in drive folder


  • Page of Codepen where to grab the Premium plugin of TweenMax to try them out

Lesson 1 (intro, tools&libs)

  • Outline course

  • Precedenti corsi progr? Illustr/Figma? dopo .. Codepen account?

  • Reason why code for designer and prototype

  • Sketch mode (explanation, demostration, demo)

  • Goal of the course (understanding programming potential in creative context)

  • Tools overview (Codepen, Repl.it)

  • Technologies we're going to use

    • SVG, HTML, CSS selection
    • TweenMax, jQuery
    • Adobe Illustration / Figma
    • Programming paradigms: variable, functions, condition, loop
  • HTML first general explanation

    • HTML tags -> content structure
    • CSS props style first (color, back, font, size, padding)
  • Exercise:

    • Make a basic personal-info web page on codepen

Lesson 2 (animation the basics)

  • appello, note su homework, ask for esercizi + chrome
  • Refresh HTML basics and CSS selection
  • SVG tag
  • The coordinate system, the rect element with property
  • Exercise:
    • make a grid of rects
  • SVG elements (rect, circle, line, g, polygon, text, image)
  • Comments on different languages
  • Exercise:
    • Make a face with the primitive shapes (circle, rect, lines, polygon)
  • Intro to DevTool for debugging purposes
  • ??Homework: Make a House in SVG with Basic shapes
  • TweenMax basics (to,from,x,y,scale,rotation,delay,origin,ease)
  • Exercise:
    • That face make transition-in
  • Homework:
    • Animate the face
    • Make a House in SVG with Basic shapes

Lesson 3 (interaction the basics)

  • Recap gsap, to/from
  • What is a Function
  • jQuery for basic click interactions
  • Exercise:
    • Little graphic composition explorable tool, 4 shapes, 4 btn, + reset
    • The face now can goes out upon click
  • What is Random
  • Explore further events (mouseenter, mouseleave)
  • Exercise:
    • The face now can be manipulate with the mouse using the random generator for each element
  • What is a Variable
  • The THIS special variable in mouse events
  • Exercise:
    • The face now can be manipulate with all the mouse events exploiting the THIS variable

Lesson 4 (more transitions/interactions)

  • The viewBox attribute
  • The stagger feature and the Set
  • Exercise:
    • Make a grid of elements that enter in with from
    • Make the same grid that enter on click
    • Use the THIS mouse event to manipulate elements
  • Use a numeric variable
  • Exercise:
    • incrementing a number: make element bigger on clicks
    • increm / decrem same number

Lesson 5 (Illustrator as asset editor)

  • Prepare a file in Adobe Illustrator
  • Export options
  • Copy/Paste the SVG code
  • Exercise:
    • make a grid in AI e staggerIn the elements
    • make them interactive
  • Loading the SVG with JS
  • The find() function to subselect elements
  • Exercise:
    • make a row of complex elements, staggerIn, make them interactive, use THIS to manipulate with Random

Lesson 6 (UI)

  • UI exploration with the same techniques (modal, offcanvas, tabs, slider)
  • Exercise:
    • make a modal + offcanvas
  • Load and play an Audio file, TweenMax fo volume
  • Exercise:
    • make a modal to allow the user choose 3 audio sample

Clock exercise? Pattern? Grid loop

Exercise: generative logo, btn to change them random, or loop graphic composition

Lesson 7 (more logic)

  • What is a Condition
  • The boolean value and the offcanvas
  • Exercise:
    • make two off panel (up and down)
  • The clone function
  • Exercise:
    • make a panel to generate from 3 elements
  • Text&Fonts

Lesson 8 (more goodies)

  • Draw, Morph and Follow
  • Exercise:
    • Make a two selector, draw and morph by click
    • Make cloned elements following a path (baloons)

Lesson 9x

  • What is a State
  • Set a state variable to any element (data() + THIS)
  • Masking
  • Callback functions
  • Dynamic text
  • The Date object
  • Repeat & Yoyo
  • TweenMax Drag
  • Mousemove event and coordinate conversion

Lesson x

  • saving and loading data in the cloud