Add programmatically a draggable element in VueDraggable with Sortable

Posted on February 1, 2020

After spending a good amount on this morning I've found a way to add programmatically, meaning using js and not the mouse, one or more HTML elements in the draggable list when using the VueDraggable plugin in a Vue project.

I've tried different routes, trying sending custom MouseEvent and PointerEvent without any luck.

Then, I've found that the Sortable.js MultiDrag plugin has a couple of helper methods you can see at the bottom of its README, more specifically this one:

It's supposed to do what I precisely need: adding one or more elements in the draggable list without passing through the native mouse/touch events.

Now, the problem is: how to access that methods from a Vue.js project?

By looking at the source code of VueDraggable fork I'm using in this example that include the plugin, MultiDrag is singleton, thus, you can import the module and use its static methods this way:

import { MultiDrag } from "sortablejs"

Tested and added on my personal project PRESENTA.