Art and Design need to blending with Technology matters

Posted on January 30, 2019

Art and Design need to blending with Technology matters.

This is a sign of the time. The RCA of London is pushing the limit in Art and Design education by adding more technological program and courses in regular

This quote sums up the point:

The RCA’s academic vision is to transform the accepted paradigm of an art and design university, by injecting key scientific disciplines into the mix of creative disciplines traditionally on offer.

Also it's interesting some key points of Sir Jony Ive who is Chancellor of RCA:

I believe that the Royal College of Art is a truly unique community; a vital, creative environment where the nature of ideas are explored and nurtured; where the cross-pollination and collaboration of different disciplines is encouraged, uniting diverse groups in pursuit of discovery, and feeding and supporting the momentum which encourages an acceptance of the challenges associated with doing hard things, encouraging the curiosity, openness and care that are at the heart of innovation.