Bring to front and restore an SVG element with D3

Posted on February 5, 2021

Here the solution to performe a bring-to-front and restore to its original stack position of an SVG element using D3.js.

Here the logic:

  • Find the actual index stack position and store it within the datum object before bring the element to front.
  • Use that index number to revert back once you finished.

Here the relevan code, considering that the elements are bound with a dataset:

elements.on('mouseenter', function(e, d){
  const list = [...this.parentNode.children]
  const index = list.indexOf(this)
  d.oindex = index
.on('mouseleave', function(e, d){
  const index = d.oindex
  this.parentNode.insertBefore(this, this.parentNode.children[index])

Here a live example.