Install n8n on Render service

Posted on October 8, 2023

This is a recap of my successful attempt to install n8n on Render for future reference.

First thing first, kudos to the author of this repo that is 95% of what you need.

Just fork this repo and create a new Render web service by pointing to that repo.

You also need to activate a couple of resources in order to have a fully functional n8n in the cloud:

  • A PostgreSQL Instance
  • A Persistent Disk

Once you have them, configure the env in the web service by adding the PostgreSQL credentials and the webhook URL (your app url). Don't forget to add the the Disk Mount Path setting the default value /home/node/.n8n as specified in the repo README.

That's all, now you should signup to your new n8n cloud application and start automate!