Organizational culture in brief

Posted on December 28, 2019

I've distilled some brief notes about the Organizational Culture (which is the technical definition of Company Culture):

Organizational culture goal:

  • building the sense of belonging (how people identify themself with an org)
  • foster knowledge sharing
  • support happiness and empowerment

Organizational culture is affected by:

  • company vision and values
  • members beliefs, habits and principles

Organizational culture has an impact on:

  • the way people interact and behave
  • the way they share knowledge and help others
  • resistance towards company changes

Organizational culture can be changed and shaped with:

  • good communication
  • clear training

Three pillars of what a person considers in his job:

  • the value of him/herself: wage and work/life balance
  • the trajectory: learning and professional growth
  • the daily life: happiness with environment and team