React App with scoped CSS

Posted on January 21, 2021

Today I've learned how to make CSS scoped, meaning, the CSS is automatically transformed in order to avoid collisions with other CSS definitions within the App.

I use create-react-app for the scaffolding, thus, here the steps to incorporate the functionality.

Install @craco/craco that let to enhance the default React app by means of additional plugins, then install the Craco plugin craco-plugin-scoped-css.

Add in the craco.config.js the plugins field:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      plugin: require('craco-plugin-scoped-css')

Once you're running the React app with Craco, now you can create a CSS file with the suffix .scoped, such as style.scoped.css anywhere in the App.

Then, import it in your App or Component to use those scoped styles:

import './style.scoped.css'

function Comp(props){
    <h1 className='myStyle'>Title</h1>

export default Comp

Assuming there's a .myStyle selector in the CSS file, it will be scoped during compilation, thus only that Component will get styled by it.