Roblox Script Clone a Part

Posted on April 26, 2020

If you want to reuse multiple time a custom Part, let's say the one with a script attached, you can clone it.

First, you need to put the Part into ServerStorage to make it available during the game runtime. You can build your Part in the Workspace then, when you're ready, move it in the ServerStorage.

You need to set a unique name in order to recall properly, then, add the code:

local p = game.ServerStorage["MyPart"]:Clone()
p.Parent = game.Workspace

Where MyPart is the name of your custom Part.

After that, you can manipulate it with the common methods:

p.Size =, 1, 20)
p.Position =, 0, -50)
p.Anchored = true
p.BrickColor =,0,0)