Roblox Script creating multiple spawn location

Posted on May 17, 2020

If you have many SpawnLocation in your game, each Player that comes in will be put on top of one of those randomly.

That opens interesting possibilities.

The nice part is that you can add many SpawnLocation using code:

First off, put a SpawnLocation into the ServerStorage and name it with SL, then put this code in the main script:

-- create a map of position for each SpawnLocation
local slPos = {}

slPos[0] = {10,10}
slPos[1] = {-10,10}
slPos[2] = {10,-10}
slPos[3] = {-10,-10}

-- clone the SL object and place them in the game
local count = 0

for Index, Value in pairs( slPos ) do
    local x = slPos[count][1]
    local y = slPos[count][2]
    count = count + 1
    local sl = game.ServerStorage.SL:Clone()
    sl.Parent = game.Workspace
    sl.Position =, 0, y)
    sl.Anchored = true