Some advices for makers

Posted on April 16, 2019

From a twitter thread, some interesting advices for those who want to start making something in the digital age. I'm goingi to annotate them for future reference.

Pieter Levels:

  • charge money
  • raise prices
  • DIY everything


  • listen advices but don't be afraid of doing things your own way

Daniel Kempe:

  • Build something you need yourself
  • Build something you are passionate about
  • Build something that can scale (eventually)


  • creating is the best learning
  • don't be afraid to start
  • worst case scenario: you learned a lot


  • constantly publish progress

Josh Manders

  • Just because something like what you want to build exists, doesn't mean you can't build your idea

Huseyin Polat Yuruk

  • Launch it as soon as possible.

Ryan Hoover

  • build a community/audience from day one


  • be patient and persistentd
  • well less, do more