Some small tips using Ace Editor

Posted on April 10, 2020

Some small tips using Ace Editor

Little bits learned along the way, since I'm creating a special plugin for PRESENTA.

If you want to get the selected code from within Ace Editor, here the command:

let sel = editor.getSelectedText()

where editor is the Ace instance.

Then, my editor needs to run the selected code using the key-pair SHIFT+ENTER. Here the code:

  name: 'run code',
  bindKey: {win: 'Shift-Enter', mac: 'Shift-Enter'},
  exec: (editor) => {
  readOnly: true

run() is my function that eval the code.

Last tip for today: I want to set some initial code in Ace Editor that uses ticks, therefore, this is the way to escape ticks and templating chars within the code:

{text: \`<h1>Slide \${i}</h1>\`}

That's all for now.