Start develop in ES6

Posted on April 7, 2019

Start develop in ES6

I'm going to start a project and I decided that it would benefit develop it in pure ES6 without any other frameworks (such as Vue.js).

Looking around, this getting started is great. I read and followed it very easily.

I need to understand how to set a browser-sync process in order to automate the reload on each save (I suppose I'd add a watcher for the Rollup compilation).

Then, I need to get better about how to exploit ES6 in general since I'm not a pro on it.

Time to learn, again :)

PS: here a very basic setup to have the auto reload.

You need to use the flag in the CLI:

rollup -c --watch

then, you can use a Browser-sync command to reload the browser, such as:

browser-sync start --server --files="index.html, dest/*"

There's just a weird double reload caused by Rollup that compile twice the bundle, I don't know why. So far, so good.