The future of Education

Posted on May 15, 2020

Here some thoughts about the future of education with a focus on the traditional classroom and how it might change in the future.

It argues that:

  • traditional examination needs the ability to remember
  • that's why internet and digital devices have seen as an obstacle to that method
  • but today people need to performe better in other skills
  • studies on memory and cognition show that younger students perform less because the digital devices
  • but those studies don't consider how they perform with those device

In other words, the modern tools need to be seen an extension of the human brain and we should exploit them even during the educational journey.

Here two specific cases mentioned:

Agora, The Netherland:

  • no class, no curriculum
  • no year groups
  • students are free to decide their path
  • mentors instead of teachers
  • lot of tools to foster creativity
  • computers and internet are encouraged to be used
  • no formal evaluation

E-learning trends

  • Different time and place, async learning opportunities
  • Students will decide their curriculum, more ownership and a more personalized curriculum path.
  • More blended learning and flipped classroom and Bring Your Own Device
  • Even more project based, to learning how to solve real problems
  • More soft skills and workgroup
  • Exams will disappear
  • Teacher will guide more and teach less