Code Editors

I write code daily and I teach people (mostly designers) how to write code for creative purposes often.

To write code, you need a code editor.

I currently write code on serious projects using Visual Studio Code but I costantly test and use alternatives, usually online tools, both for quick sketches and for teaching activity.

Here my preferred list of editors divided in online and offline tools.

Online Editors

I currently use online editor both for quick explorations and for teaching purposes. During a class, the zero-setup is invaluable. Here a from time to time updated list of my preferred tools out there:

  • P5 WebEditor perfect when teaching creative coding with p5.js
  • Codepen for quick exploration in HTML/CSS/JS
  • is a good option for more structured projects with deploy capability
  • Glitch very good for quick app (both frontend and backend) similar to
  • Runkit for node-based sketches, now I'm much more on Observable for such explorations
  • Observable I recently started using it for quick explorations and it's great
  • CodeSandbox looks interesting but I didn't use it yet
  • StackBlitz looks interesting but I didn't use it yet
  • JsBin I used to write quick sketches in HTML/CSS/JS, then replaced with Codepen

Standalone Editors

  • Visual Studio Code (currently my preferred choice for serious projects)
  • Brackets (I used for teaching purposes, not used anymore)
  • Sublime Text (it was my editor of choice, not used anymore)