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From FinancialTimes, FastChart is a tool to generate static simple chart very quickly just pasting the csv data

Design bespoke visualization without coding

If from one side there are configurations to get very common predefined visualizations fast but precluding novelty and personalization, on the other side we have development toolkits that allow gread customization. There is a huge room in the middle, filled so far by the following attempts:


From Microsoft research, Charticulator is a browser based authoring tool to create interactive bespoke chart layouts. It uses the constraint-based layout algorithm to manage the layout generation.

The gallery is promising and it looks an interesting attempt to simplify the construction of dynamic data-driven charts with a user interface. Nevertheless, it's far from something that can be used to get meaningful results without a consistent training on it.

Data Illustrator

Create infographics and data visualizations without programming.


Data Drive Guides

Data-Driven Guides: Supporting Expressive Design for Information Graphics.

This is maybe the closer attempt to solve the need to design and build data-driven representation using common technique designers are used to manage.

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