I love markdown

Posted on May 6, 2017 in
2 min read

I really love markdown.

I've started writing in this format long time ago, I suppose around 2010.
It wasn't a love at first sight, though, but at that time I felt it was worth giving a try.
I was right. Now I write in markdown everything.

I'm writing in markdown even this piece of text. Indeed this post looks a bit meta.

The question is: why?

Once you get confidence with it, it becomes very natural writing always in markdown, starting to structure the text since the beginning.

But again, why not using a regular notepad or any other software that allows to write and format text?

Having all my writing in markdown format basically means having the possibility to move chunks of text across different documents that are meant to be the source for different outputs.

I'm actually using markdown document for personal notes, blog posts, presentations, github readme, and other stuff.

It's an efficient way to handle text contents in order to not be limited to a specific tool/output.
The Finder of my Mac OS is the tool to find and organize the documents.
Yes, you heard right, I don't rely to specific tools to organize these documents, I'm using the original and obvious software to do that, the Operative System GUI.
Do you recall that it allows to create folders, move files, assign labels alongside a full-text search engine built-in?

So, happy writing, in markdown, of course.