Basic useful commands in ioRedis

Posted on October 29, 2021

I'm learning Redis using ioRedis javascript driver. Here the list of useful command I've learned.

The connection. I'm using Upstash distribuited database service, here the connection:

const Redis = require('ioredis')
const redis = new Redis(process.env.REDIS_DB_CONNECTION_URL)

where REDIS_DB_CONNECTION_URL is the connection string provided by Upstash.

To disconnect it:


To set a new, or update an existing record by key item:a:

redis.set('item:a', 'Some content')

To set/update with an expiring time, that means it'll be deleted automatically:

redis.set('item:a', 'Some content', 'EX', 60) // 60 seconds

To get a record:

const item = await redis.get('item:a')
// "Some content"

To delete a record:


To increment a value of an existing or new record by key:


To increment by a specific value:

redis.incrby('count:a', 10)

To get a list of records using a wildcard operator:

const list = await redis.keys('item:*')

So far, so good.