I've launched SVGmator 1.0

Posted on May 23, 2019 in
2 min read

A couple of days ago I've launched SVGmator, a little online tool to help people animating SVG files fast and easily.

The idea has been with me for a while, then, a week ago, I set the brief:

7 days, using my free and available time building it. Let's do it!

Thanks to the current stack possibilities (Vue.js, AWS S3, Netlify hosting and Functions), it's totally possible nowadays building a web app with server capabilities in a bunch of days.

This is what I did and proved to myself.

Of course, in order to deliver, you need to be very focussed of what it's feasible fighting the huge amount of features and ideas that arise during the process.

Stick with the fundamental idea, remove everything else, then, you're making it.

The reason

Aside from the personal challenge to design, build and release a working software in a very tight timeframe, originally, I wanted to prototype the idea of a simplified SVG animator tool within Presenta, my preferred presentation tool.

I've realized very quickly that it would have required much more time implementing it, therefore, the idea of making a stand-alone spin-off would have solved nicely my requirements (time-frame and test in the wild).

The dissemination

I took this opportunity to test some dissemination strategies. I've announced the tool in the following popular networks:

  • on Twitter
  • on ProductHunt
  • on HackerNews

Very little reactions over there with almost zero acquisition. No surprise here, but...

...for some obscure reasons, SVGmator got some traction over Reddit and a thousand of users actually tried the tool, receiving a bunch of interesting comments, feedback and usage-case.

The next step

Based on the encouraging comments, I'm planning to add some features and release a 2.0 version soon. I believe there's room for this kind of tools.

Also, I want to play further with the dissemination toy :)