Let's talk about presenting information and data

Posted on January 25, 2019 in
1 min read

I've been in the communication and tech fields enough to maturate some ideas about how to present and visualize data and information effectively.

I teach this stuff in several classes and institutions and I use a lot of visual materials during my lessons. It means that I need to prepare a lot of presentations, which is time-consuming.

I'm allergic to the time-consuming notion unless it gives enjoyment or learning opportunities.

I started poking around the idea of a custom tool a year ago, a tool able to build effective presentational documents in an efficient way.

Here one of the very first POC (now completely different, though):

Lately, I was able to dedicate some time to this side project and a little tool was born.

It's far from being a usable tool but I actively use it to produce my presentations and I believe the time has come to understand if it can be useful to someone else.

So, welcome Presenta.