Competitors are good

Posted on February 19, 2019 in
2 min read

Usually, having competitors is a pain point in a business model canvas. To me, they are opportunities.

I started a personal project I enjoy working on. It's based on a personal idea and vision, but as everything happens on internet, there's a high chance that similar things already exist.

Presenta makes no exception.

Having competitors is not negative. I always find interesting learning about how others faced and solved similar problems I had. It's not about copying, it's learning and get inspiration to come up with something better at solving the same problem.

The notion of competitors doesn't really sound right to me. It's not a competition. It's more about trying innovating all together with different solutions.

This is why I consider all the mentioned similar tools a good source of inspiration. If there's a good idea in a product, why make it different at any cost? I'm much more learning from a good solution and try to make it better.

This post is a preface of a series that is meant to describe what I find very good from other products that might potentially be used in Presenta as well.

I strongly believe in the remix culture. Everything is a remix. Innovation is remixing.